Feature Request: Explore-Level User Documentation

(Matthew Chatham) #1

I love being able to add descriptive strings (documentation) to fields in the Explore interface. Can we also have a feature that allows us to provide instructions to users on how to use an Explore?


(Izzy) #2

We’ve got functionality that might speak to some/all of this request:

If you add a description to your explore, it can be seen in the explore dropdown. Some more context about where you’d ideally see the instructions surfaced would be awesome!

Also, moving this to Feature Requests to be voted on.

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(Matthew Chatham) #3

Thanks Izzy, appreciate the call out. I’m familiar with the description you mentioned, but I’m thinking something more substantive that would provide guidance in some depth on how to use the explore (e.g., combinations of views to avoid). As a supply chain company at Flow Kana, we have a complex data model so this functionality would be really useful as we move toward self-service.

I was thinking it could be housed in the field-picker of the explore interface, though I’m not picky (haha) about where it goes as long as it gets the job done. See image for reference:



(Izzy) #4

I think that’d be a lovely place for it to be displayed. Thank you for the context— I’ll see that it gets seen.

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(Matthew Chatham) #5

Thank you, I appreciate it!