Feature Request: Custom Min, Center and Max for conditional formatting


(Erik) #1

If you have outliers in your data, then it is rally hard to use conditional formatting, sometimes positive values turn to negative color and sometimes the opposite, so it is hard to rely on colors.

Easy way to fix it, is to use Min, Center and Max values.

For example if I have data from -20% to +200%

Then I’d like to use min: -50%, center: 0 and max:+50%

It gives a lot better overview then and static results for every period.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #2

Hey @er1k,

Thanks for bringing this up. I will share this with our Product Team. Seems like a useful feature to have.



(Erik) #3

Any updates on this?

(Max Glantzman) #4

I mentioned this one on chat support as a request a while back as well, +1 from me.

(sara.leon) #5

Hi Erik,

Thanks for checking back. There’s not currently an update to this feature request but as a quick workaround, you can create two table calculations (one to represent the max value and one to represent the min value) and then hide those table calculations from the viz. Those table calculations will still technically be the ends of the conditional formatting even if hidden, so you’d get your desired shading on the values you’d like to display.

Sara Leon

(Erik) #6

Yes, it’s one way to do it, but pretty painful. Actually the middle value is the one I’m most interested.

One day -10% to +200%
Other day -200% to +10%

I want conditional formatting to be from dark red to light red between -50% and 0 and from light green to dark green between 0 and +50%.

(bernard.kavanagh) #7

Understood. We will keep an eye on this use case. Thank you very much for the extra context on your use case.

(Erik) #8

Status update on this. This should become available in the next 2-3 releases. :slight_smile:

(Xin Bao) #9

Hi Erik,

Thanks for checking back, this feature is still in discussion. More and more users are looking for this feature in the last 2 months and they have also provided more details to help us designing this feature. We hope this would be available soon. Meanwhile if you know any other users interested in this feature, please encourage them to +1 here, this will help us to prioritize new features.


(Erik) #10

Any updates?

(david.hughes) #11

Hey Erik,

I have just checked for you and there is still no ETA on when we can expect this feature to be released.