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[Feature request] Ability to change label names in funnel visualizations

A lot of Looker visualization types allow you to edit names of series, which is helpful in ensuring visuals display an accurate name for things where other filters or pivots are applied.

However, this is not currently possible with funnel visualizations. Is that planned for a future release?

The current state of things is a bit of a downer, since templated filters make it convenient to allow savvy users to create custom conversion funnels on top of your event data – but since users can’t re-label the funnel measures themselves, they’re stuck with a visual that says things like “Funnel Step 1”, “Funnel Step 2”, etc., rather than something more interpretable like “/Home”, “/Shop”, “/Basket”, or somesuch.

It’s currently possible to work around this by creating table calculations that point directly to the measures, only with different names, but that seems like a bit of a hack.

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Hi @rschoenbeck

I’m happy to pass this need and feedback to our product team - would you be able to provide a use case of where you see label options missing? Currently these are the options for labeling in funnel visualizations. If you’d prefer to provide a use case privately, please send it to help.looker.com and we’ll make sure we fully understand your request to relay to product!

Thanks for the quick reply. To be clear, when I say “re-label the funnels,” I mean changing the names that appear on the left-hand axis of the funnel, rather than re-orienting them in some way (which is all the current options allow you to do).

The use case I’m talking about is for multiple measures on a single row (although I assume this also applies to multi-row, single-column cases as well).

For example, if I employ the hack I described above:

I get my desired end result:

Where the left-hand axis labels are now meaningful values that are determined by custom filters applied in the Explore by users, rather than the generic “Funnel Step 1,” “Funnel Step 2,” etc.

It’d just be nice if I could achieve this result through visualization options rather than having to create these table calcs that are duplications of existing measures.

Thank you @rschoenbeck for the excellent example! I’ve passed on your feedback and use case to the product team.
One workaround I could think of in the meantime, instead of creating table calculations to duplicate the measures, would be to label the measures directly, either with static labels or with a liquid variable in the label for the measures.

Thanks; the possible set of conditions that a user can apply to each funnel step are too varied to allow either a static or liquid variable approach, but I appreciate the suggestion.

Have there been any changes to the lookml funnels to address the issue above? We are also looking to change the names of our labels for a funnel visualization but have been unable to find a way to modify the label without changing the dimensions on our view pages.