Experimental Feature: Setting Up Merged Results

(Sara Guzman) #21

Hi Ian,
The users that are not in the “Merged Results Beta Users”, will still be able to see the saved dashboard and schedule it according to the permissions the user have like see_lookml_dashboards and schedule_look_emails. Please let us know if you have any more questions on this.

(Philippa) #22

Hi, This is a great feature, we’ve been keen for being able to save as look or dashboard tile since it was first available in the lab.
While the ability to filter on dashboard is the definitely where we’d like to see it move to next, I’d also be keen to be able to merge two sets of i_looker explores. Since the i_looker explores aren’t visible in the explore pick list, this is unfortunately not yet possible.
A classic use-case of this, would be to merge i_user with i_sessions to get be able to see which users aren’t using their access. Alternatively added a left_join session view to the i_user explore would also achieve this :slight_smile:

(diego.campos) #23

Thanks @Philippa for your great feedback on it. There is an active feature request to use merged results new feature with the i_looker model to improve its capabilities, I am passing your thoughts to the team on that!

(Dan Groman) #24

I see it working and this is awesome. Thanks!

(swang2) #25

Hi @diego.campos

I am currently on Looker 5.12, but I don’t see this feature under EXPERIMENTAL. Can you please confirm if this feature is available.


(diego.campos) #26

HI @Swang2,

I can confirm the feature is available.

Please note that you won’t find the option under Experimental unless you have added a user group named Merged Results Beta Users in your instance (with some members). After that, you will see Merged Results option toggle on the corresponding page.

Let us know please in any other case at support@looker.com.

(swang2) #27

I see the merge results now!

However, I don’t see the save option under the “gear” icon, and I am on 5.12. How can I open a ticket for this?

(diego.campos) #28

Cool that it worked! I’d love to have a look at your instance and the merged source queries that you are using, that might be preventing the Merged Explore to save… Please send this same case to support@looker.com and we will take care of it.

(Dan Groman) #29

There are still a ton of limitations with Mergred results, do we know the timeline for getting them resolved?

Dash board filters can’t be applied, and CSV downloading/scheduling is still not supported. Any timeline on these issues?

(Izzy Miller) #30

Hey @dgroman1988,

We’re still working on getting merged results fully ironed out to the point that it won’t be a labs feature anymore. It’s something we’re actively working on in Q2 2018, but I can’t give any kind of precise timeline!

It’s destined for full stability however! We certainly don’t plan to leave it experimental forever :slight_smile:


(Tobias Schmidt) #31

thats great news, thanks @izzy

(Dan Groman) #32

Thanks @Izzy_Miller. This is crucial for people with our use of Looker as often times security in Looker permissions are driven by groups. If you have to include all your clients into a group for a beta feature, than this exposes users who shouldn’t be able to see each other to one another. I believe Sharon Z let the product team know about this as it’s causing us a headache at the moment.

(Andrew Wynn) #33

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your feedback - Sharon did share it with the Product team. I’m glad the feature is so valuable that you want all of your users using it!

This is still an experimental beta feature so permissions are on a user-level controlled by groups since not all customers want all of their users to have access to merged results. As we continue to evolve this feature and take it out of beta we’ll also evaluate permissions. This will be dictated by how our customers are using/want to use the feature so your feedback in helpful in that process.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Product Manager @ Looker

(Timothy Burke) #34

I see that the Looker community has already shared praise with the Product team and Developers for this feature, I am late to the party but first let me echo that praise! This is definitely a step in right direction for keeping data analytics within the Looker environment and avoiding that painful exercise of exporting 2 Looker Explore results into Excel just to create a chart with 2 series. Bravo!!

I have some feedback that doesn’t look like it has been shared yet:

(1) Creating Merged Results - Opportunity to make prototyping quicker?

If I have Explore 1 prepared in one tab, and Explore 2 prepared in another tab (these could be explores that I saved from earlier, just now created, or maybe a colleague sent me), then depending how complex each of those explores are, sometimes I’m finding it slow to merge those results.

I have to choose which will be the “Primary”, (let’s say I pick Explore 1) and then I have to re-generate Explore 2 through the UI, which I will do by switching back and forth between tabs and mimicking which filters are applied and which fields are selected.

For creating dashboard elements and complicated datasets that require some thought, this isn’t so onerous, but it slows things down when you are doing on-the-fly adhoc analysis and you just want to combine two existing visualizations or tables into the same dataset.

I have no idea how complicated this would be to engineer, but if I could paste an explore URL instead of rebuilding the second explore, that would be :raised_hands:

(2) Sharing Merged Results

Lots of people have asked about adding merged results to dashboards and downloading the results, but is there any opportunity to give some users permission to create merged results, and give others the ability just to view the results? I’ve confirmed that users who are not in the named Beta group get a 404 error when I share the URL with them – until the results can be shared, this feature loses a lot of it’s power. Understood that days in Beta may be numbered, so maybe this will be addressed then.


(Talal) #35

Hey Timothy!

Thanks for sharing your feedback and detailed use cases! I’ll definitely relay all of that to the product team, and all the context you provided especially helps!

One thing we do like to point out, though, is that experimental features are a special thing in Looker. They might incorporate those features you’d like in the future, they might have a bunch of new ones, and they might be changed altogether.

Look on!

(Dan Groman) #36

Do we know when the ability to merge tables vertically will be possible? A lot of times, especially in finance you look at something pivoted by a dimension and grouped by a different dimension. You also look at the net of all the pivots. You might apply some smoothing factor generated by your data and apply it to the net afterward.

See the below example.

Sure this could hypothetically be accomplished with some custom SQL and/or table calculations but that’s just throwing away the power of LookML and visuals. We’ve tried to do this in a dashboard but combining different looks in dashboards, especially tables with different # of columns is not easy and often looks ugly.

Is vertical merging even on the table?

(Ryan Dunlavy) #37

Hey @dgroman1988,

Thank you for the example and detailed request! Vertical merging of Looks is not on our near-term roadmap at the moment, so currently using table calculations or a union in a derived table is the best bet for combining queries. I have passed along your feedback and example to the product team as well.



It appears that merged results on dashboards do not retain their sorts when the dashboard webpage is refreshed. Is sort retention a planned feature for merged results on dashboards?

(Ryan Dunlavy) #39

Hey @akorpi,

Sorting not being saved when editing merged queries a known issue that the engineering team is looking into. For now, as a workaround you can click “Explore from Here” on the merged tile, make the changes to the sorting, and then save that merged query back to the dashboard and remove the original tile. I hope this helps!


(Dan Groman) #40

Formatting of merged views and normal views aren’t the same when the tables contain the same number of rows/columns making side by side graphs look pretty abysmal. Is there a way to fix this?