Example dashboards

Is there a post that has examples of dashboards that others have built in looker?


Hey @sebastian,

Were you looking for some particular examples of something, or just looking for inspiration? There are some nice examples of dashboards on the looker.com solutions page such as the ecommerce solution or the media solution example and these examples are linked to stories from industry-speciic customers with videos that show some examples of what they are using.

If you have further questions about doing something specific with a dashboard you can always email us at help.looker.com

There are also some great tips and nice examples on this discourse: Dashboards - tips and tricks

Hey Sebastian,

Iā€™m pretty sure you got what you want already, but leaving this reply here so that it can be useful to future queries by anyone.

Dataflix has a lot of dashboards built around public datasets embedded on their website letting users get a hands-on experience of Looker easily.
URL: https://www.dataflix.com/looker/


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