Error on Dashboard's Download as PDF


I created a dashboard that has a few line trend charts and a few subtotal table charts. However, when I try to export this dashboard into a PDF, it returns this error:

Changing the subtotal tables into regular table format fixes this issue but it’s not as visually appealing without the subtotals.

Any assistance into this issue would be helpful.


Is this a custom viz subtotal table, or using the built-in Table Next subtotals feature?

We’ve seen this error happen a few times in the past for reasons ranging from issues in your networking setup to bugs on our end. I notice the error’s coming from a url— If you turn off “Load assets from CDN” in the Admin panel, does it work? Or return a different error?

Hi Izzy,

This is using the built in SubTotal table from the visualization pane:

I do not have admin ability to turn off loading from CDN.


Got it— That’s actually a custom visualization that’s been installed (The other thing I was referencing is a secondary feature of our new table visualization.

I think this is indicative of some kind of networking problem for reaching that lookercdn address. You might reach out to your Looker admins or IT team to ask if a firewall or some Looker configuration options are preventing access to that.

in the meantime, you could try using the Table-next visualization with the subtotals option in the settings turned on to see if you can recreate the same layout!