Error: disconnected: ssh disconnect host not allowed to connect (1)


(Jessica De Jesus) #1

I am trying to send a report to an SFTP server that I can SSH into without a problem, but it keeps giving me this error. Any insights into possible solutions would be greatly appreciated!

(Izzy) #2

Are you sure that you can SSH into it from your Looker server? If you’ve whitelisted your computers IP address, that won’t matter, since the request will be coming from the Looker server’s IP.

If we host you, make sure you’ve whitelisted the addresses here:

And if you are hosting yourself on-premise, you can first try SSH’ing into the box running Looker and then attempt to connect to the SFTP server to verify if that’s the issue.

(Jessica De Jesus) #3

Hi Izzy,

Thanks for your response. I am able to SSH into the box running Looker and connect that way, however it still will not allow me to successfully send the report.


(Izzy) #4

Interesting. Generally, when this happens, it’s almost always a permissions & connectivity issue as opposed to a bug. I’d try and spin up a testing sftp server with absolutely no security restrictions, test it to that, and then slowly fill in the security blanks until you figure out what’s got the connection stymied.