Encapsulating Table Names in Quotes in SQL

Not sure whether to call this a bug or a Feature Request, but the SQL Runner (and Explores generated from them) don’t by default include quotes around a Table Name. This means if you happen to be stuck with Tables with spaces in the middle of them, the SQL Runner and Explores generated error out. I’ve attached a screen grab of an Explore query generated via the SQL Runner to give this example. Note how if the multi-word Table was wrapped with quotes in the “FROM” clause, all of this would be resolved.

I would call this a bug :bug:. In fact, our engineers would as well— We have some open issues for this on specific dialects. What dialect is this?

Note that this is not a super high priority issue (although please feel free to describe business impact if it is impacting you heavily), so while all updates will get posted in this thread, I can’t guarantee any kind of timeline on a fix. Thanks Ben!

Thanks Izzy! We’re on the MS SQL Server 2008+ connection (2012).

In terms of the business impact, it’s at this point just an inconvenience for generating an ad-hoc query from a Table. Moving forward, if Looker intends for clients to be able to let an Explore be a basis for importing fields into a new View (rather than using Describe to absorb all fields without a choice), this would make that change a bit less trivial, but nothing we couldn’t work around!