Enabling Embed users to browse non-personal spaces


We want to enable embed users to be able to have access to already dashboards/looks/explores through the looker explore iFrame. We’re obviously able to embed as many different looks/explores/dashboards as we’d like, but we want to give the embed user the ability to navigate through content in Looker instead of having to embed each piece on our side. I do see that if you enable the “embed_browse_spaces” permission you’re able to see your own personal space, but how do I add the ability to see other spaces so that the user can navigate to different looks/dashboards/spaces inside of the embed window?

Is this possible?

Thank you,

I don’t have full info as not at work now but checkout external_group_id https://docs.looker.com/reference/embedding/sso-embed
I believe you assign the user to a normal group which you give space access to and then space navigation shows up in embed page as a strange icon with 4 squares on it.

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