Email dashboard as html

(Scott Vickers) #1

Did this option go away with a recent release? I see now single image or pdf are the only options for sending a dashboard, I swear inline html was there previously but I don’t remember seeing any mention in release notes of the change. Any plans to bring it back? Much better user experience than getting a giant image or pdf.

(Andrew Powell) #2


I don’t think this has ever been an option for Dashboards - you have the options for Image (png), PDF, or a zip of CSVs.

The option does exist for Looks, so you may have seen it there.


(Nicholas Wong) #3

Nope there was never a HTML option for dashboard but only for Looks. If you’re interested in putting it on an admin panel, you might be interested in doing API for your dashboard. Saw a few companies doing cool things with this! :smiley: