Editing Looker Documents using the API


Is it possible to use the Looker API to write new or edit existing Documents? I am trying to create a data dictionary as a markdown document and would like to use the API if possible to edit the document when changes are made to definitions or descriptions of dimensions/measures.

Just to be clear, this is where I am looking to edit or add new documents:

I appreciate any help or guidance!


The Looker API tries to stay out of the business of file management. We hook up to Github (or whatever you like) for source control, so we recommend that you go through your source control provider’s API in order to actually modify files. In your case, using the Github API or just some shell commands to write new files + push them to the git repo in question should work.

Make sure to hook up the deploy webhook also: https://help.looker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001288268-Deploy-Webhook-Pulling-From-Remote-Git-Repository so that those changes get pushed back to Looker.