Dynamically resize vertical height of table within dashboard to match contents?


(Max Glantzman) #21

+1, need this in many places

(Mike Ghen) #22

+1, makes our business users suspect of other tables in PDF reports. “How do I know this is the complete table and it’s not truncate?”

(Makoto Taguchi) #23

+1, seems like a good feature for everyone



I could use this as well. Dashboards aren’t as effective without it, and the .PDF version (my users most downloaded/scheduled type) are virtually useless.

(Dan) #25

Hi - just wanted to bump this again as we are now using Looker for embedded reporting within our product and what was previously a big annoyance is now causing a lot of confusion for our end users that are viewing these reports.

For a little context, the most used report by our end users (we sell online reservation software to restaurants) is to see what guests are coming in for a certain day/time period and what notets, etc. are associated with that reservation. Ideally we could just embed a look with the filters they need to run this report; however, with the embed feature, you cannot expose filters for a look to the end user.

To get around this, you need to embed a look within a dashboard. However, because of this issue right now if you download the dashboard as a PDF their list of reservations will be cutoff.

The workaround is that if you hover over the top right part of the look that’s embedded within the dashboard a hidden option will pop up that will allow you download all of the results for that look - most of our users don’t know or understand why they need to do this as there is already an option in the top right of the dashboard to download.

Needless to say, our end users are frustrated, confused, and pointing the finger at as. Any help to prioritize this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(quinn.morrison) #26

Hi @Dan,

Thank you for expanding on the necessity of this feature for your use case. I have informed our product team of your organization’s situation, and the importance of prioritizing this capability (dynamically resizing dashboard table elements). Feel free to reach out directly to support@looker.com for updates on the status of this issue.

Thanks again,


(Peter McCabe) #27

+1 on this feature


+1 O wow, requested almost 2 years ago. Any updates as to when we can expect to see this?

Currently having this issue too, and every time I have to go through to re-send dashboards that were truncated is using valuable time that could be better spent doing something else.


(Chris Seymour) #29


Thanks for your feedback. Dynamically resizing dashboard tiles to fit the number of rows is on our radar, but it is a large fix without a current target date.


+1 to the original challenge of automatic resizing of tile height (or something like a “fit to screen”). It can really impede scrolling through a dashboard.

(Simon Le Grand) #31

+1 to this one too


+1 as well

(Erik) #33

+1 also from here

(sara.leon) #34

Hi Erik, I’ve added your support to this feature request. Have a great day!

(Jon Brenner) #35

Also + :100: