Dynamically filtering measure in multiple ways on same look


(Akash Agrawal) #1

Big picture: I’m trying to build a funnel report that shows me the number of users who viewed page A -> page B -> page C.

In my view, there is a measure that counts the number of distinct users distinct_users. I can easily create a filtered measure if I want to see how many users viewed page A, by filtering on page=A. Further, to make the choice of page dynamic, I can use templated filters as well.

However, I want to be able to use the same measure multiple times in the report with different dynamic filters i.e. I’d like to use the distinct_users measure 3 times on the Look, once each for pages A, B and C.

In theory I could duplicate the measure, but that doesn’t seem like a scalable solution if my funnel is extended to 5 steps. What are some possible elegant solutions to this?

(Izzy) #2

In general, pivoting accomplishes this goal, right? The hitch in that giddy-up is the dynamic filtering…

If you’re comfortable with just having the pivot columns remain “A”, "B’, and “C”, then I don’t see why leaving everything as-is and pivoting on Page wouldn’t get this done.