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Drill down with multiple choice

Say I have a list with six flags, true or false. Each row can have true/false in six different metrics.
My dashboard is showing six columns (one per metric) and the counts for each row in the list where that specific flag is true.
What I want to do is to click one number on any metric and return the list filtered by that flag.

Metric1 | Metric2 | Metric3 | Metric4 | Metric5 | Metric6
4 | 2 | 0 | 12 | 4 | 0

When I click “4”, it drills me into 4 rows with information related to customers with that flag set to true on that metric.

I got to the point where I click and shows me a list but all of them are showing everything, no filters :confused:


Hi Ricardo!

By default, clicking on a measure value (when drill fields have been specified) will produce a drill window with only the rows that “roll up” to that measure value – this is what I believe you are describing as your goal. I have an idea of what may be happening to change that default behavior but I’m not certain based on the information you’ve provided.

Would you mind visiting help.looker.com so we can discuss some more details of your use case? Or you can hop on chat Monday morning, whichever you prefer.

Have a great weekend!


Is there an option to have multiple drill down options for a measure or dimension to appear within the drill menu?


I have a measure labeled as ‘count’ that I want to use as the drill field. When I click on that field, depending on the query used, I want to provide an option to drill down with Set 1 or Set 2 or Set 3.

You can use the link: parameter https://docs.looker.com/reference/field-params/link to set up as many “drill down options” as you’d like (and you can name them however you’d like. You can then use the liquid {{ link }} syntax in the link parameter’s URL to add & edit the drill URL— See some examples of that here:

@izzy so in cases where multiple sets are needed, advise is to create links for the measure.

However, from the documentation I’m not sure I understand how to exactly do that.

Say I have two sets, one with fields being [order_id, customer_id, customer_type] (call it detailed) and other with fields [customer_type, average_invoice] (call it generic). I added drill_fields = [generic*]. Now, if I understand correctly, be default URL of drill would be explore/explore_name/view_name?fields=customer_type,average_invoice&limit=500&origin=drill-menu.

How could I amend the fields= part of URL to be fields=order_id,customer_id,customer_type, without hard-coding the whole link and relying on {{ link }}?

Would be grateful if you could provide an example tackling such problem.