Download PDF/Download CSV broken?

Hi I am on Chrome 71, and Mac 10.13.
I have my looker embed application on a web page.
I am passing these permissions download_with_limit, see_drill_overlay
This allows me to get the gear settings in the upper right hand corner.
In the gear settings I have 2 downloads available.
Download as PDF…
Download as CSV

When I click on the link, it opens a new window…but it seems like it is missing the data in the query string. The page that opens up ends up being a 404 page. If I do the same thing above within the looker application, then it works. You can see the difference’s in URL’s below

This is what a successful PDF looks like

This is what a unsuccessful PDF looks like (404 page)


It’d be useful to know what Looker version you’re running, also. I gave it a test and am seeing identical url’s generated in embed/not embed with the same permissions, but both look like the shorter, “unsuccessful” url.

To drill down to the root of the issue, does CSV download work, or is it just PDF?