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Don’t be Haunted: Scare the Ghosts out of your Looker Instance

In honor of Halloween, this month’s Office Hours is dedicated to helping you scare the ghosts out of your Looker instance. Don’t be haunted by unnecessary LookML or content that you developed months or even years ago! Come learn to use the system activity dashboards to find unused objects and remove them worry-free. The results? Improved performance, increased usability, and less model bloat. Now that’s a treat.

Join us on October 24 at 3:30pm in New York or San Francisco.

This workshop will be full of tips and tricks we use ourselves at Looker and is intended to be hands-on, so bring your trusty laptop. We’ll top things off with a happy hour where you can connect and enjoy a drink with us and your fellow data lovers.

If you can make it, reserve your seat ASAP—this will be a great workshop, but seats are limited and the spots tend to fill up quickly.

RSVP at the link below:

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Think you guys will show Toronto some love in the future? This topic in particular is something extremely important to me (and probably other LookML Developers).

When you start anything, you don’t know what you don’t know, and there have been a few ‘ceilings’ that I’ve broken through to find there’s a much better way on the next floor up, and gone back to the drawing board to re-do things differently.

Awesome you guys are doing this though, and I hope you put a deck up at least :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our October office hours in New York and San Francisco! We loved having an opportunity to teach you all about cleaning up your instance.

You can find the material covered in the workshop in PDF slide deck below:

Workshop_ Scare the Ghosts out of your Instance.pdf (4.6 MB)