Does Merge Results still exist?

I see it mentioned in various places in the documentation and have seen a video of it being used, but don’t see the option within the Looker site. If it does exist, what do I need to do to see it? If not, are there plans for adding it back?

Hi Jared,

It sure does, click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner and you should see it in your dropdown options?


Oh! Have you created more than one explore? Perhaps this is requirement for the option to appear?

I have created many explores.

What version of Looker are you running? Depending on the version, it might be a beta feature still that has to be enabled in the Admin Panel > Labs.

This information was documented until Merged Results left beta, but if you’re running an older version, you must:

  1. Add a user group named “Merged Results Beta Users”.
  2. Add members to the Merged Results Beta Users group. Include any users or user groups who will use the feature.
  3. Enable the Merged Results experimental feature in Looker Labs. (The Merged Results feature is shown on the Looker Labs page only after the Merged Results Beta Users user group is created.)

Note that this will not apply after Looker version 5.18.

Adding the beta group and enabling the lab got the feature to show up.

We’re using 5.2 and will ask support to upgrade and keep us on the latest version.


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