Dive into the Details: Powerful Data Drilling

Do you remember writing book reports when you were in school? After reading through tens of thousands of words, you would summarize the key points using a few hundred. While book reports may be a thing of the past, you do this same exercise today, only the book is your data, and the report is the dashboard you build.

When people have questions that go deeper than what’s surfaced on dashboard, targeted drill-through pathways are a way of taking them to the exact data that they need. Powerful drilling into your Looker dashboards enables people to answer more questions, make more informed decisions, and access actionable details, all within the context of the data they are analyzing. Build enhanced drill-throughs for your data lovers that include visualization, pivots, and even table calculations with conditional formatting!

Join us on June 20 at 3:30pm in our New York or San Francisco offices to try it out for yourself.

This workshop will be full of tips and tricks we use ourselves at Looker and is intended to be hands-on, so bring your trusty laptop. We’ll top things off with a happy hour where you can connect and enjoy a drink with us and your fellow data lovers.

If you can make it, reserve your seat ASAP—this will be a great workshop, but seats are limited and the spots tend to fill up quickly.

RSVP at the link below:

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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our June 20th office hours in New York and San Francisco! (Especially big shoutout to those who braved the down pour in NYC :cloud_with_rain:). We loved getting the chance to drill into using liquid to create custom beautiful visual drills with you.

You can find the material covered in the workshop in the zipped slide deck below.

Workshop Custom Drills.pdf (826.8 KB)

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Just a quick update - The fabulous @xin has created a magnificent tool to make custom visual drilling even easier!


In order to add a custom visualization to a drill:

  1. Build the visualization you want to drill to in an explore

  2. Get the expanded URL (Share -> Expanded URL)

  1. Paste the URL into https://xin-looker.github.io/ and make any changes like pivots or totals

  1. Copy the converted URL and paste it into the url: parameter in a measure

  1. Custom drill to a visualization! :partying_face: Thanks @xin!!

Check out the PDF above for more examples.


Thanks for the clear step by step instruction! @emma.ware