Displaying annotations in time-series visualizations

Hi, we would like to display time-based annotations in time series visualizations, e.g. show product or store launch dates associated with specific spikes in a line chart of sales over time. The closest parallel which I can think of is the annotations feature in Google Analytics (see attachment). For the purposes of this discussion thread, assume that we’ve already brought the annotations data into our data warehouse from which Looker is pulling (with a date-timestamp and a short text field). We’ve not yet actually done that because we haven’t known of a decent way to incorporate those annotations into visualizations.

We’d appreciate any ideas for how we can do this!

Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

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Todd - I’ve thought about doing this as well. If I ever find the time to pick up coding I feel like there’s a way to do this with APIs.

I believe this is similar to an existing Feature Request, so be sure to add a +1 here:


In case anyone’s still in need of this functionality, we developed a LookML-native annotations toolkit at Davis Associates, which I’m happy to help anyone plug-in. (The plug-in is trivial)

Shoot me an email if interested: davis@davis.associates

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