Displayed Averages - Column charts

Hey everyone,
I am stuck and really hope one of you can help.

The problem: Using column chart to display simple data with the aim to show the average thereof.

Example- I have 1 technician completing work, we want to see what his average cost per job is, over 5 days he spends nothing on day one and two day three is null and 4 and 5 have a cost of 50 each therefore we would divide 100 (total) over 4 days that he worked = £25 / day.

The mean function with the visualization is averaging the displayed data and counting 0 as null even when using coalesce as a value of 0.00001 it still returns bad data.

Hi @Ryanking001,

Could you maybe do a sum of the amounts, and a count of the amounts, and divide them? so maybe something like:


That should give you what you’re looking for if I’ve understood the question correctly.