[Discussion] Remove that extra vertical scroll bar on iframe embeds


(Krishna Potluri) #1

Since a month, right from when I started learning Looker, I’ve been observing looks embedded on websites (even on docs.looker.com) have an extra vertical scroll-bar.
Adding scrolling=“no” fixes this.

Original page:

One small phrase and that makes it look so much better:

And I observed that this also fixes that annoying scrolling bug, where the particular look’s area stops users from scrolling if mouse pointer hovers on it.

But, I’m not UI/UX expert. I want to know, will there be any problems with implementing this?

(And also, if no problems, it’d be so nice if you can update them all @Looker_Support. TIA!)

(Talal) #2

hey @krishpotluri,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ve relayed this to the engineering team, and they suggested adding scrolling:no to resolve this. Adding that should get your workflow going, and it shouldn’t cause any issues.