Different value formats for value labels on different axes

How am I able to show the column value labels in thousands without changing the value label format for % change?

Hi @roycechan,

You should be able to edit only the left axis in the edit tab in the visualisation. If you go to “Y Axis Format” and use 0.000,"" this should give you the values in 1,000s.

There are additional formats here under the Y Axis Format heading:

Thanks, Adam

Thanks Adam,

Does this change both the axis values and the value labels? I’m hoping to change the format of the value labels.


I wasn’t sure as to this so had a quick look and you can change this using the same format under the “Values” tab (where you switch on value labels) although this seems to change the format of the value labels applicable to both axes, so for a percentage value it’s not ideal at all.

Thanks, Adam