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Difference in Filter Appearance

Hi All

silly question, but I am curious. Why does Looker show/allow different filters to appear differently…
In the screen shot below, you’ll see the Bills Status is a text box, where you can type in multiple values. While the status in the last filter is in separate boxes with dropdowns.

Have you used a liquid CASE statement to define the last filter?

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what is liquid?

What is liquid?

This should get you started: Using HTML and Liquid with Looker

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@GenDemo, I think Zack’s on the right track here though. When you use a lookml case statement, the filter options are restricted to only those choices and you see the filter appearance demonstrated by the last filter in your image.

Sorry, yeah I meant LookML, not Liquid :stuck_out_tongue:

ah right ok.
So if you have it in a LookML case statement, then it gives you a drop-down.

Yup, that’s correct.