Did anyone polish up theTreemap custom visualization?


(Peter Randall) #1

Hi all,

There is some sample code for a treemap custom visualization at https://github.com/looker/visualization-api-examples/blob/master/examples/treemap/treemap.js. However, the sample is not polished and there is no drilldown capability.

Has anyone out there polished up this treemap JS and be willing to share? We have some urgency for this (not much time to figure out custom viz code) and prefer not to “reinvent the wheel” if it’s been done.


(Rob Brown) #2

Hi @prandall

did you ever crack drilldowns? I’m keen to do so myself in the custom vis …


(Ravi Mody) #3

Any updates on a refreshed open source treemap viz?

(Adina Katz) #4

Hi @ravimody,

We have a tree map available in our sample custom visualizations repository here. This custom vis is slightly more polished than the prior but does not have drill down functionality.