Description Tag not available in Join

I’ve gone through one of my models and added a Description to nearly every field, and also added a Description to the explore.

It doesn’t look like I can add a Description to any of the joins, which I’m sure the thought process if “Just use names people can understand, you don’t need a Description”, but I’d like to add them any way if possible.

Has anyone done this?

I was thinking about this the other day and realized I’d never posted my question. I’m wondering where you’d like this description to show up in the UI. I suspect the reason you can’t do this is that joins don’t really show up anywhere.

The best place I can think of would be the view_label heading in the field picker, but that gets a bit confusing since dimensions from multiple views can be placed into the same view_label, or given entirely arbitrary view_labels. What do you have in mind here?

In the UI I was looking here:

Again, I’m sure no one needs a description of what’s in “Address”, but I just wanted to add a description to everything to make it easier for people, especially since some of them could do with a bit of an explanation, like, letting someone know what “Associations” are on the off chance they don’t know.

It’s not a huge deal, I was just curious if there was someway I could add those