Description liquid variable reference showing wrong values

Using the following dimension description I get some unexpected results:

  dimension: name {
    label: "{% if _view._name == 'name_a' %} Name A {% else %} Name B {% endif %}"
    description: "{% if _view._name == 'name_a' %} description B {% else %} description B {% endif %}"
    type: string
    sql: ${TABLE}."NAME" ;;
    hidden: no

The label is updated correctly but the description is not rendering correctly. See the attached screen shot.


Updated to the correct screen shot

Hey Quinn,

I think you have a different type of quotation mark around your liquid - try the example below.

Yours has vs. having "

  dimension: id {
    description: "{% if _view._name == 'users' %} ID for Users {% else %} Something else {% endif%}"
    primary_key: yes
    type: number
    sql: ${TABLE}.id ;;

Hope that helps!