Deprecation Notice: Old LookML Parameters (3.16+)

(Brett Sauve) #1

Looker improves LookML over time to be more useful and user-friendly. In 3.16 several parameters and types were removed.

These parameters are associated with the Deprecated LookML Parameters legacy feature (for more details see the Legacy Features docs page):

  • From release 3.16 to 4.22, the legacy feature is on by default, which means that you can use these parameters
  • From release 5.0 to 5.2, the legacy feature is off by default, which means that you cannot use these parameters
  • As of release 5.4, these parameters can never be used

Deprecated Parameters

Deprecated Parameter Replacement Parameter
base_view explore
suggest_base_view suggest_explore
detail drill_fields
format value_format or value_format_name
sql_foreign_key foreign_key
join_type relationship
english description
sql_table sql_table_name

Deprecated Dimension and Measure Types

Deprecated Type Replacement Type
hod hour_of_day
tod time_of_day
dom day_of_month
percentage number (possibly with value_format_name: percent_1)
dollars number (possibly with value_format_name: usd_0)
cents number (possibly with value_format_name: usd)

Deprecated LookML Dashboard Filter Types

Deprecated Type Replacement Type
filter string_filter
suggest_filter field_filter

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