Deprecation Notice: Change in Visualization System (6.0+)


(Marie Beaugureau) #1

In Looker 6.0, the visualization system for Cartesian (bar, column, line, area, and scatter) visualizations has changed.

Turning on the Legacy Visualizations legacy feature instructs Looker to use the old visualization system. By default, this legacy feature is off, and it will be removed in Looker 6.4.

If you previously enabled the Enhanced Visualizations Labs feature, you already enabled the new visualization system.

Old Behavior (Legacy Visualizations on)

No change to appearance or behavior of Cartesian charts.

New Behavior (Legacy Visualizations off)

Cartesian charts have these additional features:

Cartesian charts no longer offer the following:

  • You can no longer focus lines on hover for line or area charts.
  • You can no longer order series by size for bar or column charts.
  • You can no longer adjust the value density of labels, because Looker adjusts the density automatically.

Legacy Features End-of-life Schedule