Date to previous year date comparison

Hi! I have a problem comparing day to day last year. I studied all the similar topics, but they did not help me. My task is to make a pivot table with dates, where the first date is the current day, the second date is the same day in the week last year. For each day, count the number of events, and add a field with a calculation for % change.

due to the fact that I can’t attach more than 1 image, I will write in the text:
Sample data
|Category|Date|Count Category|
|cat1| 01.10.19| 1|
|cat2| 02.10.19| 5|
|cat3| 03.10.19| 2|
|cat4| 01.10.19| 3|
|cat1| 08.10.19| 1|
|cat3| 06.10.19| 1|
|cat2| 07.10.19| 6|

need to do like this