Date formatting for table calculation

Dawid, while I can appreciate wanting this feature to be simpler, it seems that you’ve got a few options at your disposal today:

  1. Table Calc with the diff method presented above. Very simple formula, and if you only need it for a single viz, save it as a Look perhaps so your team can recycle it easily
  2. Add a second Date Measure with the rendered_value formatting presented above.

Both of these would give you a solution right now that’s fairly robust.

I tried what you suggested before but I still can’t produce the formatting I’m after

I created Date and Time separately with formatting you specified and so far it works. Then I concatenated it to_date(concat(to_string(${date}), " ", ${time})) and nothing displays. Tried casting both date and time to string but also showing nothing.


As far as I understand it, concat will not work here because the format is displayed after the variable uses it for table calculation. Is there any option left that will allow me to reformat the datetime 2019-01-01 10:15:23 into 1 Jan 2019 10:15:23 ?