Data of Thrones — General Findings

This thread is for all of your general findings and cool visualizations. If you have something really unique, or think you have a good idea for a new genre, feel free to submit it as a New Topic in this category and others will be able to reply.

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Curious how many times Hodor said “Hodor”. Look no further by taking a look at this viz :):


I tried ‘NPS’-ing based on the sentiment of their lines, like this:

(positive lines - negative lines) / total lines * 100

Unexpectedly, the White Walkers don’t score many points here.


In case y’all are wondering, the following look is the characters that have killed but are still alive… aka the ones that will probably see karma this season. :wink: Buh-bye Jon Snow (again)!!!
Who’s getting Karma’d soon-ish, maybe?


Deaths By House By Season


When you look at the types of death in Game of Thrones, it’s clear that most named characters died by some form of stabbing. I wanted to find out which types of death had just one victim. In this table you can see that the most unique deaths happened in Season 1 and they’ve been declining since then. The violence definitely hasn’t decreased overall, but it seems that named characters have become less likely to die in unique ways.

Unique Deaths



Here’s another one, tracking how frequently certain words are used across the seasons (as a % of total words, not including stopwords). Words like King, Throne, and Bastard were pretty steady but the ones I included on this chart have some interesting spikes.

Word Frequency


I’d even almost call some of those trends! Nice find.

The upward trend of NORTH and DRAGON, peaking in season 7, makes a lot of sense and was interesting to see! Dragons became really important to the plot last season and there was also a lot of chanting “King in the North!” in winterfell :slight_smile:

I wanted to look up the words that are said less frequently and I found out that there are 3195 words that are only used once in all the 7 seasons.

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That’s a lot! Got a link to the explore?

Times that “Dracarys” is been said by Season.

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