Dashboard Filter Embedded in Dashboard Tile

Hi there Looker Community,

Rather than keeping the dashboard filters static at the top of the screen, can I embed interactive filters in a tile on the dashboard that I can then move around like any other tile?


Woah. No, you can’t right now, but that’s a cool idea. What are you envisioning for this? Would you want the filters to all stay together, or be able to spread filters out to be directly related to the tile that they affect?

Hi Izzy,

Options for both would be cool. I was envisioning the ability to put filters into a blank tile. That way, you can put some/all on a tile and drive them around the dashboard. If you have tiles that utilize different filters, this would make more sense to be able to group things with their filters.

ChartIO offers “Controls” which is the same as a filter component as a Tile. It would, be quite helpful to group a filter with a dashboard sections or Look instead of always sitting on top of the dashboard. This would be especially true if you have filters that might not apply to a complete dashboard but just a section.