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Dashboard "Download Data" on a look which has calculation

I’m facing an issue in a dashboard that I don’t seem to have a solution of fixing it. So, the scenario is this dashboard has a few looks added to it. One of the look has an inbuilt calculation defined inside it to generate one of the data points. Now below is what has been observed:

  1. Click on “Download Data” and “Results in Table” option. The downloaded csv contains info from the look as expected and all is good.
  2. Click on “Download Data” and “All results” option. This generates csv but the contents of the csv says “Refusing to run query with no limit that Looker cannot stream incrementally. Please choose a smaller limit or remove table calculations.”

Is there a way to solve this? We are using this dashboard as part of an embedded url that is exposed within an iframe in a web application that we built. We need to retain the ability to download from within drill down that we have in the look. So, the permission: “download_without_limit” is passed while generating the embed url. But we actually don’t need the “Download Data” option by itself thats clickable from the top right corner of the look. So if there is a way to disable the same, that would be good enough too. But on exploring I didn’t find any setting which does the same.

Let me know if anything is unclear.

We don’t currently have a way to disable the Download Data option while keeping the underlying permission to download, but that’s an interesting case for it that I hadn’t thought of before. Are you confident that the data surfaced in drills is > 5,000 rows, and thus requires the download_without_limit permission?

How complex is your table calculation? It might be possible to turn it into LookML or use a custom dimension/measure, in which case you’d be able to download all the data.


when there is a table calculation, there should either be a way to download all results, or the option to download all results should not be presented to the user.

I believe this is fixed in Looker 6.18, @Vikas_Janardhanan can you verify that you’re no longer seeing the option?

Hi, We haven’t migrated to 6.18 yet. I’ll confirm if the issue is fixed post migration.

Thanks for your support!