Daily Average


Hi guys,

Help needed.

Goal: Create one look with : current daily average ( quarterly) in big font and below that Goal of daily average and next if whether we are above or below that average.


(Lauren Boltz) #2

Hi SS,

There are a few options to layer multiple series on a graph visualization, using a column chart (see stacked values or stacked percentages in this doc), with a line chart, scatter plot, or area chart.

If the desired end result is separate visualizations arranged in a look (I.e. one visualization for current daily average, one visualization for goal of daily average and one for indicating whether the daily average is above or below the goal) then this would be achieved by creating a dashboard with each of these visualizations saved to that dashboard as separate looks.

There is currently no feature available in Looker to adjust the font size in a column chart, line chart, scatter plot, or area chart. However, If we have separate looks organized on a dashboard, we can adjust a look’s tile sizing by expanding or contracting the tile with the ‘Edit Dashboard’ option, so that one tile is larger than the other as specified in your goals. There is also the ability to create text tiles with HTML formatting on dashboards, for headers and text display.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@looker.com if you need clarification on any of the above, or if you need assistance with implementing your goal visualization.



Thanks Lauren. Will check the links out. But how do I calculate Running quarterly average. E.g If I am checking the data today for Q3 and want to see the daily average so far how do I do that? How do I calculate is dynamically? today’s sale/78… then tomorrow when I check tomorrow’s sale/79… so on so forth. Is there a 90- (now) type something that I can use?