Custom palettes

(Christine Kelly) #1


Besides having a default colour palette I can save, is it possible to save more than one custom ? I read in an old post it was not possible, has this been updated if so please let me know how I can create several palettes:)

Thank in advance

(Christine Kelly) #2

I found this site helpful to generate shades

(peter.whitehead) #3

Hi @Christine_Kelly!

Currently, it is still not possible to have multiple custom color palettes saved at once. I will let our product team know that this is something you would like to see. Have a good day!

(Zack Elias) #4

Any chance this was added to the near-term roadmap?
Would love to create + save an org-specific color palette for use in all of our data visualizations

(Peggy Beard) #5

Hello Zack! Besides this ability to set a single default color palette across the Looker instance, does org-specific refer to multiple different named color palettes inside your Looker instance?

Can you share a bit more about how you would use multiple palettes, and how you would like to associate them to different organizations inside a Looker instance?

(Zack Elias) #6

Hi Peggy – you’re spot on!
We offer analytics on our product to our customers in the form of Looker-powered Looks and Dashboards. I think there’s traction to be gained by visualizing each customer’s data using that customer’s branded color palette, especially in the embedded case. For instance, if I wanted to embed dashboards inside of one of our other apps, it would be super useful to have the color palette set programmatically by the group of the user or the space that the dashboard/look lives in.

(Ryan Dunlavy) #7

Hi @Zack_Elias,

Thanks for the context of your implementation! We do not currently have a way to automatically set the color of the visualization based on groups, but I will definitely pass your use case on to the product team.


(Stijn Lambert) #8

Hi @ryan.dunlavy,

This would be interesting for us as well. We’re looking into integrating dashboards into our radiology application suite, where some applications are used in a “dark room” to diagnose radiology images, (where the appliacation is styled with black background & “darker” coulours), while other applications are used in daylight (e.g. by head of staff & secretary roles), where the application is styled with white background & lighter colours …

We would potentially want to visualise the same dashboard in both applications, and “inject” a different theme depending on where the dashboard is integrated in …

Ideally, a CSS-like approach would be great, where some sort of stylesheet (wherever it lives) would allow you to control how the dashboard is visualising depending on where it is integrated in …

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

best regards,

Stijn Lambert

( #9

Hey Stijn,

Thank you for the question it definitely makes sense. While there are no options thru looker for this there are other (NON SUPPORTED) options that might be something you can try:

There is a chrome extension called “Stylish” that you can download in the chrome app store and set the theme and colour of any website.

You could install and set the desired dark theme on the browsers of the machines that you have in the darkrooms and not install/disable the extension on the browsers of the machines where the style needs to be lighter colours.