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We have a few dashboards with well over 20 tiles each and typically each month we have to change the filters for each tile. The complexity comes into play because each tile needs a custom filter applied (var1 = ‘x’ or (var 2 = ‘y’ and var 3 = ‘z’) or var 4 = ‘u’).

I was hoping that I can implement this filter at the dashboard level rather than the individual tiles level. I’ve tried looking online and it doesn’t appear that this has been asked or considered so I was wondering if this is a feature that I am just not seeing or if there is any work around other than going into all 20 tiles and updating the custom filter there.



(molly.lippsett) #2

Hi @JLiou

While there is currently no option for custom filters on the dashboard level, I can definitely pass your feedback to our product team that that would be a useful feature!

In the meantime, you may be able to workaround this by creating a yesno type dimension for your tiles with your custom filter statement in the sql: parameter, something like:

 dimension: customfilter {
    type: yesno
    sql: (var1 = 'x' or (var 2 = 'y' and var 3 = 'z') or var 4 = 'u')   ;;

Then you could filter for Yes values in that dimension on the dashboard level.

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Hi @molly.lippsett,

Thanks for the info, I will take that approach.



Hi Molly, has this feature been added to the roadmap anywhere? I’m trying to use metadata to identify field-level dependencies and I need a filter that says “Query Text contains([table name]) AND contains([field name])”, but there’s no way to do an AND filter without a custom filter…


(Adina Katz) #5

Hi @mvmichelman This feature hasn’t been added yet but I’d be happy to pass on some additional feedback to our product team.

As Molly suggested, we could work around this by creating a yesno type dimension with the condition in the sql and filter on that on the dashboard level.



(Holger Tamm) #6

I am also looking for the ability to have OR logic at the dashboard level. I was able to solve it at the Look level with a custom filter but would like to apply the same on the dashboard. We basically have a yes/no value whether our customers have subscribed to a product and we have 5 products. Currently, I can only get the dashboard to show if a customer has all the products .on the dashboard but I can do if they have any. On the Look with this custom filter I use:(${subscription.e13n_access} = yes OR ${subscription.mobile_access} = yes OR ${subscription.ott_access} = yes OR ${subscription.p13n_access} = yes OR ${subscription.ss_access} = yes )
Ideas are welcome.


(Brecht Vermeire) #7

I think your best bet is to create a dimension with this logic and filter on that dimension. Assuming all those fields are boolean/yesno’s, this would work just fine:

  dimension: has_product {
    type: yesno
    sql: ${subscription.e13n_access} OR 
    	 ${subscription.mobile_access} OR 
    	 ${subscription.ott_access} OR 
    	 ${subscription.p13n_access} OR 
    	 ${subscription.ss_access} ;;

On the dashboard apply a filter on the dimension to filter on ‘yes’.

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