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Create snapshots with PDT

Hi all,
We have an explore with a fact table and 9 dimension tables. The fact table is a PDT.
Our users would like to take a snapshot of the complete explore, that is, all views in the explore, at a certain point in time (last day of month) - once a month. They also want to incrementally load the snapshot with next months snapshot.
Any ideas if this is possible? Do you have any suggestions that could point me in the right direction?


This sounds like something you could achieve with a PDT. If you ran a PDT/NDT that selected everything from your explore, until the next time that PDT builds, it’s basically a time capsule of that explore at last build time. If you set your triggers carefully and prevent anyone else from rebuilding PDTs (controlled by the Develop permission) you should be able to do this.

Other folks might have other ideas of how to do this with a more involved workflow, but that sounds like the all-Looker way to me.

@zckymc wrote a great article about doing incremental PDT loads that I think will be useful:

If you want to make the snapshot PDT even more persistent/avoid accidental rebuilds, you might be able to also use create_process to build it in a separate table— I haven’t explored how rebuilding from the UI works when you’ve used create_process to build in a specific table.

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