Copying dashboard/looks


(Soumya Shetty) #1

How do I copy/duplicate a dashboard and looks and make changes to it without affecting the original looks ( If I am changing the filter on this new dashboard/looks it gives me a message saying it will make changes to the original look as well.)

Please help.


(Izzy) #2

When you move, or copy a dashboard that’s based on Looks, it also copies new versions of the Looks into the new location so the original dashboard isn’t affected.

Also, you can select “Convert Looks to Tiles”

which will basically turn each tile into its own mini-look that lives only on the dashboard— So you can change the dashboard tiles to your hearts content without altering the looks it was originally based on.

@anakarina.lance wrote a great article explaining the difference between these tile types here: Look-linked tiles vs. query tiles

(Soumya Shetty) #3

Thank you! This second tip is awesome. I usually go the first way.

(Soumya Shetty) #4

oh wait. I do not have that option. what version of Looker is this?

(Soumya Shetty) #5

Ignore earlier message.

(Izzy) #6

Sounds like you got it sorted, but for the record, I think this functionality landed in Looker 5.2.