Copy UDD to a new environment

(Jacob Voller) #1

How can I, using the 3.1 API, copy a UDD in one Looker environment and recreate it in another environment?


(Ian) #2

We use Gazer (Gazer - A Command Line Tool for Looker Content Management).

Gzr dashboard cat (from one instance)
Gzr dashboard import (to another instance)


(Jacob Voller) #3

I have used gzr to do it, but I need to be able to do it using the API


(Ian) #4

I haven’t done this but the api “get dashboard” and “create dashboard” passing the body. Going to be fairly fiddly I imagine, check the code in gazer to see which calls it makes, why do you want to do it solely with the api out of curiosity?


(Jacob Voller) #5

I am building a tool that will need to migrate thousands of dashboards every month between environments- I have that GET and CREATE working, the problem I am currently having is that it create the dashboard with the correct name, but none of the looks are moved over. I was told that the correct way to do it however was the import lookml


(Ian) #6

Ah, you will have to loop through and pull the looks as well and create them, update the dashboard definitions because the look ids will change and then create, really fiddly, or make sure that all dashboards are tiles only, don’t think you can convert dashboards to tiles only via api.
Still can’t understand why gazer won’t work for that though?

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