Copy/Overwrite Dashboards and Looks between spaces

(Dvorak) #1

I’d like to have separate space for Production and Development of Dashboards and Looks. I found out that when I copy the same Dashboard and Look between spaces it doesn’t overwrite existing objects but create new one with appended “(Copy)” to the name.

Is there any way to overwrite existing objects and keep original link?

Thanks a lot.

(Ian) #2

Yes, we use this tool:

We export the json of the dev dashboard and import that json to the prod dashboardid (and archive what we are overwriting). This means that we dont mess with browser bookmarks and schedules on that content ID.

We also have this running as a job in our scheduling tool (with the IDs of the content and comments parameterised) and lock down the permissions to the prod space, only the scheduler user has permissions to that space. It means that we have a nice history of change control and no accidents. The comments of the change are also inserted into the description of the dashboard.

edit: Forgot to mention, we are a little lazy and force people to use tiles rather than look linked tiles, this is due to ease as otherwise for each look linked tile in the dashboard you will need to do the same process to that look.

(Dvorak) #3

Thanks a lot. I will have a look into this :smiley: