Context menu of a text tile not shown in full

I admit that using text tiles as vertical dividers might not be the best idea but with a vertical screen it does fit my purpose. This is what it looks like:


Unfortunately the context menu is always positioned to stick to the right edge of the tile:


and that makes it look weird in my case:


You mean it’s being cut off the screen on the left? I’m actually not seeing the same behavior (or maybe I am, and misunderstanding the issue). It looks like the context menu auto-picks the most optimal location (though it is always on the right-hand side).

Probably not when you have multiple monitors, which I thought wouldn’t matter because the width of the window in JS would be contained to only current window…

Oh, interesting. Time to dig around for another monitor to test!

Just checking back in that I did manage to get this to happen, and I’ve filed a bug for it. Thanks!