Content Validator inconsistency

(Simon Clark) #1

I’m cleaning up the errors shown by the Content Validator and there is a recurring issue with a measure which I’d previously renamed, and set an alias for. It was ‘count_of_x’ now it’s ‘number_of_x’.

The Content Validator is still showing errors about the field (old name/alias) being unavailable, but when I check the relevant pieces of content they run fine with no errors.

The out of date references are in table calculations (with no error shown when I edit) and custom measures (when I edit there’s no ‘Field to Measure’ selected but the custom measure still works). If I change the references/re-select the field to measure then the content validator errors are gone.

I guess there’s a difference in how errors are surfaced through the content validator and in the UI when queries are actually run as it seems like the alias is working in terms of the queries but not completely working in some sense.


(Izzy) #2

Yeah, I don’t think content validator necessarily runs all the queries, it just looks for references. I don’t see anything about this yet, so I’ll pass it along to engineering.

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(Izzy) #3

Simon, can you reproduce this behavior consistently? I realize the word “inconsistent” is in the title haha.