Content validating tiles


That content validation doesn’t work on dashboard tiles is a major limitation for our org when we do refactors. I’ve already raised this issue with support, so that’s not what we’re trying to do here. What we would like is some suggestions on how we can efficiently accomplish what we would do through content validator (namely, find-and-replace view names).

(DCL) #2

Hi @AbhiSivasailam,

First I would want to be sure that there is not a way to keep the view names intact. (view file names can be changed without disturbing the view name itself if organization in the project is the goal, also view_label can be used to change the way that views show up in the field picker of an explore)

If, however you do need to change view names, I will share with you here the approach that we’ve seen some of our customers take as a near term solution for the content validator not working with lookless dashboards:

  1. Identify all explores that contain the views that have had their name changed
  2. create a query in that filters on query.explore for the explore names you identified, and lists the dashboard title and link (must be an admin to access i__looker)
  3. for each dashboard returned (see example screenshot), click on the link to see if any broken tiles appear
  4. for the list of dashboards that contain broken tiles, follow steps 5-9
  5. click the option gear in the top right of the dashboard and select “Get Dashboard Lookml”
  6. in your project, create a new dashboard file, paste the dashboard lookml and save
  7. do a find and replace on the lookml for the old view name, replacing it with the new name
  8. include the dashboard file in the model (see reference here) then save
  9. go to Browse > Lookml Dashboards, select the check box next to your dashboard and choose the “Import” function button to move this dashboard into it’s destination space (this converts it back to a lookless dashboard)

If you run into any issues with these steps, please comment here or hop on chat.

(Ian) #3

I didn’t know this, I also think this is a problem. I have been personally avoiding tiles and sometimes telling others to do the same since you lose management, this is another positive for using Looks.