Consistent width columns in tables?


(Zach) #1

Hi - New Looker user here!

Is there a way to force table columns to have a consistent width?

I’ve created a Look that’s a simple table. However, the column names have different lengths and so each column is a different width:

This is within a User dashboard that’s going to be embedded within my company’s website, so I want a polished look.

Any advice is much appreciated! I’ve searched Discourse and the documentation but can’t find anything.


(jonathon) #2

Hi @Zach47!

Currently, we don’t support adjusting column widths. I have let our product team know that this is would be a valuable feature.

Thanks for letting us know this is something you would like!

(Zach) #3

Thanks, Jonathon.

(Stephen Levin) #4

Bummer - This makes putting 2 tables on the same dashboard look pretty sloppy. In my case it’s sized by the width of a text field, so applying different filters to the same table makes for different column widths. Frustrating.


Hey @Stephen_Levin,

Totally understand! I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to our product team.

(Jordan K) #6

+1 for this feature, more control over column widths is essential for polished looking tables

(Jennifer Sun) #7

+1 for this feature as well!