Connecting to On Premise Database


(Viggy) #1

Hello All,

This is my first week with Looker and not sure if i got the category right. I have experience with other tools like Tableau / Power BI. In Power BI / Tableau Online, if you are connecting from cloud to on premise database, you need to install something like a gateway as the database is not on public internet. Is there anything similar in Looker? What do i need to install to enable Looker to safely talk to my on-premise database?


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I moved this over to the “Administration” category, since it’s about setting up Looker.

This docs page: might answer your question-- It shows how to whitelist the Looker IP addresses / configure an SSH tunnel for maximum security (

In general, though, customers who have on-premise databases often tend to also host their own Looker instance on-premise (, so that they can connect directly to their database without having to expose ports/whitelist, etc.

If it’s absolutely full-stop not-gonna-happen to have your DB exposed to the public internet at all, that’s the route you’ll probably want to take. But, it’s way easier to have us host for you, so you should definitely check out the SSH tunnel + whitelist options.