Config legend's size

(Wendy) #1

I have a looker of stacked bar chart in the dashboard. However, since the bar chart has too many legends, in the email with “inline image, single column” format, the bar chart is too small to be read, and the legends on the button are too big.

So, I was wondering is there a way to set the size of the legend? Or, is there a way the make the bar chart bigger in the email? It is ok to read in the dashboard since I could made the bar chart looker taller, but in the email with single column, it just too small.


(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #2

Hi @wouyang,

Controlling legend font & size is not currently possible in Looker. However we do have a feature request open to our product team. I will +1 your request to that too. Thanks for bringing this up to us.



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(Brian Lindseth) #3

Hi @Aleksandrs_Vederniko,
Is there any word on where this feature might be? We’re also wanting to increase the font size for charts, so we can drop screenshots into decks.


(Izzy) #4

I’ve moved this to the appropriate feature request section!

This isn’t currently on the roadmap, but the context is appreciated and it’ll get seen by our product team.