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(Paul Wadsworth) #1

I found a link to a waterfall report, and thought I’d give it a go. I’ve made a chart that easily shows all the transactions on an account with a clear visualisation of what the balance was after each transaction, with different colours to easily show payments/increases/etc.

The trouble I have is occasionally an account will have multiple transactions at the exact same time. I already have the X axis set as “Ordinal”, since it either doesn’t work (Internal Chart Error) when there are duplications, or it looks terrible if the account had say 3 transactions in a week and then another 2 years later.

So if the first two transactions in the table have the exact same time, I get a “Increase” column on my chart, which starts not at zero, but at a height of how tall it is.


That’s the initial balance being loaded and 2 payments, the green bars are perfect where they are, but the black bar should be from 0 to 1695, and really there should be a second black bar to show another increase. There doesn’t even seem to be an invisible “offset” bar under it.

These are the 4 lines that make up those 3 columns, where lines 1 and 2 have the same date/time


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(Ben Silverstein) #2

Hey Paul, are you using an aggregated measure like a sum for your measure? If not, that would potentially explain why you’re seeing two rows with the same date/time.

(Paul Wadsworth) #3

I am. All the calculated fields are working from a “Transactions Total” measure. There are another couple of fields hidden to make sure this is split, so there is a “Transaction Type”, where line one is a “Initial Balance” and line two is “Fee”, this is how the table in my example is 4 rows.

I’m guessing the problem I’m having then is that the Visualisation isn’t really linked to the Data, but run independently? So having a hidden field that stops rows 1 and 2 grouping doesn’t actually affect the visualisation?

And just to note, I tried changing the “Transaction Total” measure for “Transaction Value” dimension, and updated all the calculated fields, and the visualisation didn’t show anything, it didn’t want to pick up the calculated fields at all

(Paul Wadsworth) #4

Which means all I need to do is unhide the Transaction Type from the Visualisation and it solves my problem!

Thanks @bens

(Ben Silverstein) #5

@Paul_Wadsworth I just asked a question - you had the answer all along :slight_smile: