Collapsible folders for LookML files


I’ve heard for a while from Looker reps that we’d soon be able to organize LookML files in folders that would appear as collapsible subdirectories in the dev console. Is this still on the roadmap? Is there a timeline?

(Carl Saffron) #2

Hi @AbhiSivasailam – It looks like that feature has a timeline within the next quarter. Although, I can’t promise exactly when it will be released, I’d recommend keeping an eye out on the release notes.

(Greg Roberts) #3

+1 to this, been hearing about it for a month, is a desperately needed feature!

(Xin Bao) #4

Hi Greg,

Thanks for follow up on this feature, in Looker 6, we will have this feature included. You can find the information here (ctrl + F “folder”):

This feature is definitely in development process, and we are expecting to see it in the near future release.


(Aaron Geerlings) #5

Checking in on this feature. Any update?

(Izzy) #6

Hey @Ageerlings, I’m checking in with the product manager in charge of this feature and I’ll have something for you soon, stay tuned!

(Izzy) #7

That was quick! We’ve got this feature in a closed beta right now-- I gave your account team a heads up, and if you reach out to them they’d be happy to put you on the list :slight_smile:

(Michael Peralta) #8

Would it be possible to be included in this beta as well?

(Izzy) #9

The best way to get that ball rolling is to reach out to your Looker customer success team directly, they’d be the ones to get that enabled for your instance.