Click events when a user downloads a report PDF or CSV?

(James) #1

Was reading the latest release notes here Looker 6.4 Release Notes which mentions…

New embedded javascript event: drillmenu:click . Embed developers will now be able to receive Javascript event notifications of drill menu clicks in iFrame embedded contexts.

Was curious if clicking a filter drop-down is considered a drillmenu:click but also wondering what sort of events are fired when clicking any embedded Looker report control or button. For instance, if a user requests a PDF or CSV download, are there events that get fired that can be hooked into from the app hosting the embedded Looker report.

Specifically, specifically I’d like to fire events into GA to understand volume of users requesting to download report data. Extending that, I’d like to hook into filter selections to understand commonly used filter options and frequencies of use.

Thanks in advance.


(Fabio) #3

Hi James,

Currently, only a few specific clicks are exposed, and there is not yet an event exposed for downloading. However, do stay tuned to our release notes to know once this is expanded.

As for filters - you can use this approach to understand usage of dashboard filters as these do have events. However, another convenient option is to use Looker’s system activity reports. In addition to the pre-built dashboards, these reports are backed by fully functional Looker explores, so you can slice and dice your query history in a ton of different ways.

Hope this helps!

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