Clean up "Get Dashboard LookML" formatting


I like to develop dashboards by exploring, generating dashboard LookML and then copying into my dashboard LookML.

I spend too much time cleaning up the formatting of the dashboard LookML (definitely a little OCD with my code). See below for a random example where lines are oddly condensed, there are sometimes quotes around names/titles depending on characters in the name (eg ,), etc. The generated dashboard LookML code can be hard to read unless manually cleaned up.

Would it be possible to clean up the formatting a bit?


name: add_a_unique_name_1573062121
title: Untitled Visualization
fields: [, x.metric_1,
  x.metric_2, x.metric_3,
filters: 6 months ago for 6 months  
y_axes: [{label: '', orientation: left, series: [{axisId: x.metric_1,
	id: x.metric_1, name: Metric
	  1}, {axisId: x.metric_2, id: x.metric_2,
	name: 'Metric, 2'}, {axisId: x.metric_3,
	id: x.metric_3, name: Metric
	  3}, {axisId: x.metric_4,
	id: x.metric_4, name: Metric 4}],
showLabels: true, showValues: true, valueFormat: "$#,##0", unpinAxis: false,
tickDensity: default, tickDensityCustom: 5, type: linear}]